the clock is ticking…

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The first design of the app is done, and our programmers are working hard these days to finish up the first version of Sheets! The excitement is in the air, as we are preparing for our launch. Yep… Sheets, is about to see light for the first time and the clock is ticking.

All teams are now focused on finishing up final preparations before we launch in the end of May. The marketing team, led by Shany Hadad and Karin Nagler, has established a marketing strategy . A brand new facebook page was created as well as a funky landing page .

Computer ninjas, Roni and Uri, are using their magical HTML powers to finish up the BETA version that is due May 21st.

As part of our promotion preparations, our content force, led by the two Omers , are producing  and shooting the Sheets promotion video.

Till next time!

sheets Team.



 At our first meeting with “Hamutzim” studio, we worked together on the UI of the application. In a collaborative process, we decided to make the UI of the app to more minimal and less cluttered.

After a two weeks process of UI only, we started the design phase. We sent references of products that we like their concepts and inspired us and we got the first sketches. We were not satisfied, we had a long conversation with the studio, which we encountered some differences of opinion, about the required changes of the app design.

Now we continue the design process and try to overcome the design obstacles and reach a state where the design of the app will reflect the message that we want –on one hand order and organization, on the other hand a different calendar-an informal and somewhat cheeky.


So.. we are writing this post actually after the presentation we had done at the BIG house of Microsoft at Herzeliya.

This is the first time we are preparing to present our idea this kind of outhouse forom- people who will probably have something to say about it because of their rich experience in the field of computing and the apps world.

Uri and Coral was very nervous and tense before the “date”, because they were “the chosen ones”- the ones who had to present the “sheets” to the “panel of the judges”.

In the week before the presentation, we were preparing very hard. The content team (OmerX2) wrote the bullets that we wanted to emphasis, the marketing were working about the branding and the design and the presentors- were actually prepared themselves by present it to anyone who have interest in it (basically Mom, Dad and Ziv:)- but its only the begining..)

Shany, one of our marketing managers, was created a simple PPT presentation in which it’s purpose was to bring a little clue of the students life atmosphere in the presentation’s slides.

We all chose to “keep it simple” – which means we haven’t use a lot of words in each slide so the presenters won’t have to find themselves reading the bullets and get nervous when forgotten something. Another reason was the “clean design” we wanted to adopt also in our own app. It is very easy to put bunch of sentences and a floating background which is not connected to the content or the general concept.

What more difficult is to create a design statement which goes together with the conceptual idea.

We’ve also tried to create a demonstration of the app’s logo which appears in the top of each slide – to transmit more professional skills and make the judges connect to the baby brand. But hey! were not professionals at design so we will leave that to “Hamutzim” studio and hope it will be more than great!
The presentation itself went actually very good. Uri and Coral did their best and the responses were in concrete were nice. We took attention and will try to improve some of the advices- which we think that has to be fixed or imptoved.

One of the “judges” said he does not understand why we call it social- when it is not completely a social calendar so we decide to discuss about it in our next meeting. See what will happened next!





Teasing around

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To illustrate the concept on which we decided to make the app we’ve created a short video, a kind of a teaser that shows in the most generic way the general idea of ​​our app.

The video will probably be represent on Microsoft’s next week presentation 🙂


hooraaayyy! we’ve got a story!

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We finally found theme for our application and most of us are satisfied with it.

We thought to do a gameplay with the word “sheet” and the word shi** t.
After the decision were made we divided again to groups and started to give our baby a character.

*Marketing and content teams worked together on the product marketing issue- inside and out.

*Presentation to Microsoft is almost ready..
Shany, Bibi & Omer wrote a script for the Teaser Video. The Omers then edit the video, based on the script.

*The wireframes design process has almost reached its conclusion. Marketing and content teams edit the content at the app and correct all according to the main theme and the content that we want to convey.

*UI team met with the developers in order to synchronize with each other.

The next step – Studio Hamutzin!
We are really excited!

So.. we are in the middle of a process to find our good story.

We had the second presentation in front of the mentors and their main critic was that we don’t have yet a story for the app.
The name we offered “sheets” got some critical opinions but we decided to wait before we cancel it up, as least until we will fell in love with another new story.

We sat almost for 5 hours to rethink another story and found some interesting ideas to make the app more cool and accessible to students in our age.

We wanted to focus on the incentives for those who actually will entering the content of the tasks in the App. We thought they supposed to be the “leaders” in their class.

While the concept issue is about to be solved, we also almost done with the first version of the wireframes. We create the MRD papers which supposed to be sent to “Hamuzim” studio as soon as possible, in order to get things on track.

In addition to that, our lovely Marketing team started to built their marketing strategy. They had been seeking for Opinion leaders, Magazines reporters and Influential bloggers in order to be able to cover the entire world of content and target audiences in which we want to get reach.

We are currently trying to split up to groups of expertise to make as many things to happen in a short time. The groups are of course the ones that had chosen by the mentor at the beginning of year, but we do involved in all processes of each other. That synergy is very important to us!



The first wireframes version

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We are going into deep.. its time to be creative! 🙂

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